About The Tour



Most die-hard mountain bikers put Kokopelli’s Trail at or near the top of the old “Bucket List.”  The Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association, Inc. (COPMOBA) conceived, created, signed and built the trail in 1988 – 1989.  We have continuously maintained, refined and ridden it ever since.   For almost 30 years, Kokopelli’s Trail has endured as the crown jewel among hundreds of miles of single-track COPMOBA has pioneered over the decades, and for good reason. It comprises nearly a hundred and fifty miles of everything a mountain biker prizes: a dazzling array of terrain and scenery ranging from flowering desert valleys to lush river bottoms to red-rock canyons to alpine meadows beneath snow-capped peaks; unparalleled vistas; challenging, technical single track; long, grueling climbs; high-speed descents; boulder-strewn, hike-a-bike descents; long stretches of solitary peddling across remote, wide-open spaces. For mountain bikers from all over the United States – the world, in fact – a lot of great memories start on Kokopelli’s Trail.

Nowadays, anyone willing to surf the net can choose from among nearly a dozen commercial outfitters offering tours of Kokopelli’s Trail, with prices ranging from under $500.00 to over a thousand.  A tour is a tour, you might think.  But only COPMOBA does Kokopelli’s Tour de Bloom, and this event delivers far more than just a mountain bike tour.  COPMOBA guides and outfitters know this route like nobody else on earth and, more importantly, they know how to have fun. The price of a ticket buys a singular experience:

  • Transportation of all Camping Gear, Bikes, Clothing and Personal Effects
  • Awesome Food & Beverage for 4 days/3nights, catered by World Wide River Expeditions of Moab
  • All Permits and Licenses
  • Experienced Guides, Cooks and Mechanics
  • Sag Wagon for the Weak and Weary
  • A Hot Shower Every Day
  • Kick-off Party in Grand Junction
  • Campfire Party and Auction at North Beaver Mesa After Day Three
  • Trails End Party in Moab
  • Shuttle from Moab to GJ after the tour
  • Tour de Bloom T-Shirt

You also get the satisfaction of knowing that your entry fee buys not just a great experience, but more of the equipment, manpower and other resources COPMOBA needs to conceive, construct and maintain more, great single track.  All profit ultimately goes to you, the rider, because COPMOBA puts all that cash right back into the dirt.  COPMOBA was inducted into the National Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 2010, and was named the BLM Volunteer Partner of the Year in 2011. When you ride with COPMOBA on Kokopelli’s Tour de Bloom, you automatically become a member of this fantastic organization.

For many participants this event also creates some of life’s most cherished memories and enduring friendships.  Ride with the Best. Ride with COPMOBA.  Come ride Kokopelli’s Tour de Bloom.  You’ll never forget it.


Get Fit –

The route climbs over 16,000 vertical feet in 4 days, through all varieties of weather and even more varied terrain, some extremely technical, some of it just plain tough, all of it fun.  The weak, the weary and the unwilling can always sag, but you will not have as much fun if you can’t ride the whole route.

Get Ready – Bring the Right Gear –

The aforementioned weather will typically range from blazing heat the first two days to temperatures in the mid-30’s at dawn of the final day.  Though typically dry in mid-May, we have, over the 26 years we’ve hosted this ride, seen some real rainstorms and a few real snow flurries. You should bring winter clothes, summer clothes, sun hat, rain gear, your flip-flops and your hiking shoes.  Bring a warm sleeping bag, a big, fat sleeping pad and a dry tent.  We can haul just about anything you could take on a car-camping trip, so load up your cot, your camp chair, your guitar, your laptop, your French Press, your favorite pillow – bring it all.  Bring plenty of skin-care products, most importantly, sunscreen and lip balm. Bring a big beach towel for your hot, daily shower.  We’ll supply some beer and soft drinks, but feel free to bring some of your own, favorite beverages. And please don’t forget your bike.  We will have work stands, tools and some spare parts, but not a spare bike.


This event presents a real challenge.  However, by keeping the group small and providing a fully supported environment, COPMOBA creates a unique opportunity for you to get loose, “just ride,” have fun, build new relationships and even forge life-long friendships.